Exploring The World Of Septic System Repairs

Why Did My Septic Tank Fail?

Having a septic tank failure at your home can be a nerve-wracking experience that leaves you wondering if there was anything you could do to prevent the problem. In some cases, there is. Here are some steps you can take to be aware of septic maintenance issues and correct them before they cause a failure.

The Biomat Was Clogged

The first issue that can lead to septic tank failure is a clogged biomat. The biomat is a layer of organic and inorganic materials that lines your drain field; it helps to process waste as it exits your tank. With a mildly clogged biomat, your tank might simply run more slowly; if the biomat is severely clogged, it can cause waste to back up in the tank and ultimately cause the tank to fail. You can prevent this problem by getting regular septic tank maintenance checks and flushing healthy bacteria into your septic tank to help break down a surplus of solids.

The Tank Was Damaged

The tank itself may have been damaged. If you found that out too late, note that there are often ways that you can detect a septic tank leak. Aside from visually inspecting the tank to look for damage, you should look at the ground around the tank. If you have a damaged tank, it may leak sewage onto the ground and turn it a different color than normal.

You Had a Plumbing Leak

Plumbing issues can also affect the septic tank. For instance, if there was some kind of plumbing leak that caused a lot more water than usual to flood the septic tank, it might have backed up. Aside from good septic tank maintenance, it takes consistent plumbing maintenance to keep the system well and alive.

Your Septic Tank Didn't Have Enough Capacity

If your septic tank wasn't large enough to meet your needs, it might have filled up quicker than you anticipated. You could consider getting a bigger tank, but you could also try to reduce your septic tank's demands. For instance, take steps to conserve water and avoid flushing solids down your drains as much as possible.

You Forgot to Pump the Tank

Finally, sometimes people can get busy and forget to check their septic tank maintenance schedule. If you did forget this time, you might want to have your septic tank service team contracted to come again the next time. They could remind you when your service is due to make sure it happens on schedule.

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