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Common Septic System Mistakes For Pet Owners

Pet owners need to use additional considerations for many areas of their home maintenance -- and septic systems are no exception. Modern septic systems are quite robust, but they can still be damaged by placing the wrong things in them. Pet owners should be aware that the following issues could ultimately lead to having to have their system repaired.

Letting Fur Get In the Drain

Pet fur is unlike most types of lint -- it tends to be fairly long and sticks together. The more fur that goes down the drain, the more likely the septic system is to have issues. Instead, pet owners should keep their pets well-groomed and should brush their long-haired pets frequently to capture more of the fur.

Flushing Pet Waste

While it may seem natural to flush pet waste, it's actually quite hazardous. Pets have a tendency to consume things whole rather than chew them -- and that's especially true when it comes to things like bones and rawhide. These are things that absolutely should not be flushed. Instead, pet waste can either be composted or thrown in the regular trash. 

Disposing of Chemical Washes

There are certain chemicals that may be harmful to septic tanks but could be used by pet owners. This includes harsh cleaners that are intended to remove the scent of pet "accidents" -- and flea and tick treatments that are only used on pets for a few minutes at a time. In general, most chemicals shouldn't be poured down the drain into a septic system, because it's not known how they could interact with the other chemicals present. Instead, gentler solutions should be used throughout the household.

Pouring Old Pet Food Down the Drain

Pet owners who have garbage disposals may be tempted to pour their old kibble down the drain -- but this is actually a horrible idea. Depending on the size of the kibble, this can create a significant clog either in the drain or the septic system itself. As with any dried foods, kibble expands significantly and can turn into a glue-like mass.

For homes that have a lot of pets, frequent pumping and cleaning is usually recommended. The more living things there are in a home -- both people and animals -- the more the septic system will usually be taxed. By performing regular maintenance, a homeowner can ensure that their system lasts longer and operates better. 

For more information and help maintaining a septic system, contact a professional septic pumping company, such as George W Shepard  & Son Inc.

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Exploring The World Of Septic System Repairs

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