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Safety Steps When Renting A Portable Toilet Unit For A Party

If you are going to be hosting a large event at your home in the near future, and you plan on using your yard for the prime party location, renting a portable toilet may be a great idea. This will provide guests with a convenient area to go to the bathroom without having to trek into your home to do so. This will save on wear and tear of your septic system, as well as be a security precaution to alleviate potential theft. When renting a portable toilet unit, it is important to take a few steps in ensuring your guests are safe during its use. Here are some tips you can use in an attempt to increase safety with portable toilet use.

Keep The Toilet Within Easy Reaching Distance

While you do not want your portable toilet located right in the middle of the hubbub of your party, you also want it close enough that people do not have to walk a long distance to access it. Place the toilet within view of the party festivities so those attending will not need to wander around looking for a bathroom. Make sure the pathway leading to the portable toilet is free of stones, overgrown grass, or tree roots so those heading to the unit to relieve themselves are at less risk of becoming injured. Keeping the toilet in view also allows others to notice if someone does need assistance in getting to the facilities.

Check The Ground Before A Toilet Is Positioned

Before a toilet rental service arrives, it is a good idea to scout out a spot for its positioning. Make sure the area you select does not accumulate puddles should inclement weather hit, as this will cause instability, possibly leading to a tipping over situation. If the party is to be held at a time when conditions are windy, anchors should be placed around the base of the unit to keep it structurally sound.

Provide Plenty Of Sanitary Precautions For Guests

It is best to have a unit with a running sink included if possible. If you are unable to afford this upgrade, make sure to provide guests with an antibacterial gel to remove bacteria from their hands before heading back to your party. Extra rolls of paper towels and toilet paper can be placed in a plastic storage tub outside of the unit so there is no worry about them running out during the party.

Place an air freshener or bowl of potpourri inside of the unit to help keep odor from accumulating. Keeping antibacterial wipes near the doorway is also a plus as guests can use it to wipe their hands after opening the unit back up to get out. Place a trash bin next to the portable toilet unit for convenience. For more information, contact a company like RCS Inc.

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