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Increasing the Appeal of a Portable Toilet for an Outdoor Event

If you are hosting a large outdoor party at your home, renting a portable toilet for guest usage may have crossed your mind. This is a beneficial action as you will not need to worry about overloading your septic system and will keep guests from traipsing through your house to use the facilities. The thought of using a portable toilet may not be appealing to some guests. Adding some enhancements to the rental unit may be helpful in making those who use the facility delightfully surprised. Here are some tips you can use to make portable toilet use a bit more appealing for those attending your party.

Decorate the Exterior to Blend in with Scenery

A portable toilet unit that does not stand out will be more appealing to those who need to use it. Ask the rental service to place the unit in a spot a bit away from where the festivities are to be enjoyed. This way users will have privacy if they need to use the facilities. Decorate the exterior of the unit to match the theme of your party. If you are hosting a wedding for example, tape a poster of the couple on the front of the door of the unit or attach a few sprigs of flowers matching the bride's bouquet along the exterior walls of the unit.

Give Away Samples and Provide a Mirror

Giving away a few free surprises to those attending your event will be a welcome gesture sure to be appreciated. Provide a basket of toiletries inside of your toilet rental unit for guest use. Sample-sized colognes or perfumes, hair maintenance products, and cosmetics are great additions to this basket. Place a mirror on one of the interior walls for guest use. This will allow those attending to take a quick look at their appearance and to make touch-ups if necessary.

Minimize Odor with Scented Additions

Since waste accumulates inside a portable toilet to be removed after it is hauled off your property, there is a chance of odor emitting from the unit after several uses. Odor may also be a problem since the interior of a portable unit is rather small. Supply a battery-operate fan for guests to use inside the unit if necessary. A small container of fresh potpourri or fragrant flowers will also be helpful in masking odor effectively. An air freshening agent can also be tucked behind the toilet or near the sink to provide a pleasing scent to those who step into the portable toilet unit.

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